The Story of
STILL Coffee

What's so special about STILL coffee?


Still Coffee

The Still purpose is the creation of a special brand of coffee that involves employees with continuous positive social influence within their community. It is also Still’s goal to create a branded coffee series of “Still” that is specially designed for promoting the brand image and its intrinsic value for all. In addition to our expanding employment opportunities, we also take into consideration the long-term business model and how we can expand our brand's social benefits and influence.

Operations and the Competition

When it comes to company operations and the competition in the market space, it's always a great challenge for our Still Gospel Coffee team to maintain its spotless Christian image. In the spirit of charity and good will, we have committed to investing 25 percent of our profits to achieving the long-term goal of cultivating highly-professional team members and making steady profits. In addition, 60 percent will be invested in the coffee industry's own education and training, new product development, software and hardware facilities and equipment, and the expansion of our brand image to continue growing our social influence. Our primary mission is creating a home for the disabled in the true spirit of the Berlio family.

Spirit of the Brand

We have named our very special brand of coffee "Gospel Coffee" because it represents peace, hope, and love. The “Be Still” logo storytelling is a reflection of its main theme, which is that the love can be felt in a warm cup of Gospel Coffee. Throughout the whole process of creating and branding this special brand of coffee, it became a candle symbolizing the light of God and lighting the gospel coffee. The first "L" in Still ethereal and elegant, meaning that the fragrance is overflowing. The second "L" is the leaf of the olive branch as in the Bible, "The pigeons that Noah released after 40 days of flooding came back and to the olive branch". The olive branch stands for peace. It also corresponds with the English saying, "May peace be in my heart", which is spelled out at the base of the logo. The lower row of 2 "f"s in coffee are symbols of the stone pillars of the early Gothic architecture of the church. This means that Gospel Coffee is based upon the church of God. The two "e" s in coffee symbolize the coffee beans and coffee fan base. As we like to say "Like a cup full of coffee, this is Gospel Coffee - Still".

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